CBD for Multiple Sclerosis reviews shows how CBD oil has helped many people suffering from the symptoms and treatments of MS.

No Longer On Medication

“CBD oil has given me my life back. I am no longer taking medication or Chemotherapy to control my MS. My optic nerve has improved, which I was told would never happen. My social anxiety, PTSD and Depression have improved, I have been going out more. I have cut my antidepressant in half.

I have dealt with migraines since my 20’s, since starting HempWorx I have only had 1 headache in two months. No more neck, back and hip pain. My neuropathy is improving everyday. Bonus I have lost 24 lbs, I have no more sweet cravings. I sleep better than I have in years, because I am not in pain. I could go on and on…”

– Ronjalee


Celebrating Huge Victory

“I have lived with MS for 17 years. Chronic pain, spasticity, insomnia, anxiety, and depression were pretty much constant companions.

Due to these struggles, doing things that others take for granted, is huge.

Today I celebrated a huge victory! As trivial as it may seem to someone else, it was amazing for me. Because of the stiffness and pain that come with spasticity, I was not able to do this simple thing I am doing in this picture. I have not been able to sit with my legs crossed one over each other in decades! Today I did that!

I started taking HempWorx 750 CBD oil about two months ago and as the picture shows, incredible things can happen with CBD. I would have never thought I could do something as simple as this, any more in my lifetime!”

– Valerie

Back Pain Is Decreased

“I have had scoliosis for at least 45 years. I can honestly say that HempWorx CBD works amazingly, not much pain any more. I am also recovering from colon cancer surgery, I have been spending a lot of time in bed and normally my back would be super sore, but thankfully little pain .

I have scoliosis and bulging discs and this helps relieve the pain, relax muscles around my spine. I love it! Helps with many other things too! Taking 10 drops twice a day.”

Cholesterol Has Fallen

“Alter learning that CBD oil could help my multiple sclerosis I started using it. I did a physical and my cholesterol was at 303, my triglycerides stood at 195. I did a repeat blood test as my doctor’s were worried about my cholesterol. My cholesterol had fallen to 197 and my triglycerides had fallen to 90.

My doctor was shocked and said all my blood work looked very close to perfect!

I’m a believer and always will be after that good news! Have the test to prove it too!”

Reduced Chronic Pain

“CBD is amazing stuff. I have multiple sclerosis and when I take it regularly the pain is less, I function better and it even feels like my brain works better! Just wanted to share.

I have Chronic pain, MS, Fibro, Arthritis in my whole body, smashed vertebra in my lower back, also in my neck. I have discs deteriorating and pinching. I am pain free and loving it! I actually forgot how it felt to not be in pain! I am living it and loving it every second of every day. Sleeping is enjoyable because I’m actually doing it ! For the reasons above and the fact that there are hundreds of people that actually NEED this in their lives

I have been using the HempWorx 750mg strength now for 3 months. I use 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops around 6 o’clock. I have a condition called CIDP Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy – a big mouthful for sure.

Basically it is an autoimmune disorder where in the antibodies in my blood attack my nervous system and strips the mylien sheath from my nerves. The symptoms closely mimic that of MS I have been told.

I was also having trouble sleeping because of RLS. My quality of sleep is much better.

Instead of being up 3 to 5 times a night so far it has been only 2 times a night and I get the occasional night when I get up only once and I don’t experience a big problem getting back to sleep – a big improvement . My RLS has calmed a great deal and I’m not experiencing as much pain from the CIDP, still some but it‘s bearable.

I’m hoping with time and using the product these changes will improve as it has only been 3 months as opposed to having difficulties for at least 6 years now. I have accidentally stopped taking my meds for acid reflux as I had not included them in my daily container.

Since that I have had no reflux pain or discomfort. I am also diabetic but I will wait for my check up before I report on that.

Hoping to get off those meds too. I have also noticed a marked improvement in the condition and appearance of my nails. The heavy ridges are going away. Excited for more improvements in the future, will post. Relief is just around the corner. I am happy to have this relief.”

Miracle For The Whole Family

“Dan, my husband, has degenerative disk disease, Sciatica, hip pain, an eye issue that ended with him being told he’d probably develop MS within five years (long story but his eye often felt like there was a rock in it, then it would get blurry and he’d see flashing light), Restless leg syndrome, and anxiety. We didn’t realize he was such a mess until he started stating each disappearing issue. He doesnt have one single issue with ANY of that anymore. Wow!! !

My daughter, Bella, is on the Autism spectrum and she’d be diagnosed with Aspergers if it were still a diagnosis.Bella had severe anxiety and mood swings. She’d go from 0-flame thrower in just under a nanosecond! Since using the HempWorx cbd oil she’s been much more level headed and chill. She goes from 04 now which is far easier to handle than flamethrower. The anxiety was basically the cause of her mood so it’s a much less stressful, quieter, and a happier existence for she and the family.

She also used to get debilitating migraines. Now, as soon as she feels the onset, we rub Relief on her temples and it’s gone like magic.

My son, Nie, was in a MVA last year where he sustained a severe TBI (DAI). He had to relearn to do everything and he’s doing great now but there are still some lingering issues. He wanted to try the oil for memory (we’ve not yet noticed a difference there yet) but there have been some unexpected changes. He’s now able to shake a bottle in left hand, wink his right eye, we went for a hike in an unexpected area over the weekend and his balance was on point, and his endurance is better. All of these this have happened since starting the cbd oil a few weeks ago.

Seven weeks in and his memory has improved (YES!) and the tremor in his left hand is a rarity. Keep using the oil!!

After my son’s accident I developed anxiety, primarily while driving, and it was getting worse and worse. Now that I’m using CBD, the anxiety is gone. GONE!

This oil has created miracles for our family and we couldn’t be more thankful!”

Doctor Was Blown Away

“I’ve had COPD for the last 10 years. Just took first asthma pill for the day. I’ve been taking CBD for two months, about 1/ 3 dropper twice a day for pain due to MS and Fibromyalgia.

I’ve recently noticed that I am breathing easier and can walk faster and move around easier. Plus when I get up I’ m not taking my asthma medicine right away and a lot less during the day. I have less problems breathing plus my lungs feel a lot better then they used to!

My Husband has MS. He never sleeps well and is up and down all night. After about 3 weeks on the HempWorx CBD 500mg, 10 drops twice a day, he sleeps much better. Last week he said, I didn’t even wake up last night. First time he ever said that in 10 yrs. He usually has to take 2 naps a day because of his fatigue. Some days he skips his nap.

I have two MS customers and it is helping them both with pain and mobility.

HempWorx CBD lowered my husband‘s cholesterol and triglycerides in 6 months without a change in his diet. He suffered with it for 12 years since his diagnosis of MS. His doctor was blown away!”