If you’re looking for CBD products in Canada, CBD North is the number one selling brand.

Other Canadian brands simply don’t match CBD North’s full-spectrum complex CBD oil with CBD, CBG, CBDV & THCV. Most Canadian brands only have CBD & THC in their full-spectrum CBD oil.

Why is this important?

Each cannabinoid offers unique benefits that other full-spectrum brands simply don’t have.

CBD is amazing for sleep, pain & anxiety. CBG is a better anti-inflammatory than CBD and is beneficial for IBS/digestive issues. CBDV is best for skin care & brain care. THCV is best for boosting your energy, focus and reducing your anxiety. When taken together, CBD, CBG, CBDV & THCV gives you the perfect overall formula for the most complete range of benefits.

CBD North is the only Canadian company offering this unique blend. They also offer CBD oil for pets, CBD gummies and CBD topicals.

Additionally, they have plenty of 5 star reviews and are raising funds from each sale to make mental health care more accessible to Canadians.

CBD North also provides assistance for Canadians in need.

They offer a 45% discount to:

  • Low-Income (Under 42k)
  • Long-Term Disability Status
  • Post-Secondary Students (Age 19+)
  • Teachers
  • Active Military / Veterans
  • Seniors (+65)
  • Firefighters, Officers, Doctors, Nurses and EMT’s
  • Canadians Receiving COVID Relief
  • Those With A Critical Financial/Medical Need