Edmonton, Alberta – Launched in 2018, Doctors On CBD was created as a valuable resource for people interested in the health benefits of CBD.

If you’re into health and wellness and want to live a better quality life, then you came to the right place.

You’ll find articles and reviews from people using CBD to treat various conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.

On the media page you can watch videos of how CBD is helping people with epilepsy, pain, opiate addictions and more.

Scientific research on CBD can be found at the US National Library of Medicine Institutes of Health.

How It All Started

Over 20 years ago I began studying everything about health and wellness. From psychology to diet/nutrition to physiology to bio-chemistry and the bio-electric body, I’ve studied all aspects of the human body on a physical and mental level.

From 1997-2003 I was a Swimming Pool Operator and one of my jobs was to balance the PH chemistry of the pool water. Having the proper acid/alkaline balance keeps the water healthy for swimming.

As a researcher, I was also studying the chemistry of the human body and discovered our bodies have the same PH requirement to maintain health and prevent disease.

That’s when I learned about the Alkaline Diet. It was a game changer to learn that the cold and flu virus cannot exist in an alkaline environment. In fact, it’s proven that keeping the body alkaline boosts the immune system and helps prevent many illnesses.

By following the diet which includes drinking fresh squeezed lemon juice in the morning, I’ve been healthy and haven’t had a cold or flu since.

The Missing Link

Fast forward 15 years and my physical health was almost perfect, but something was missing. I had some back pain from an injury along with anxiety and PTSD.

After researching and testing many supplements, CBD has been a life saver. In fact, in over 20 years of research, I have never experienced a natural supplement that offers so many health benefits as CBD does.

That’s when I became an advocate for CBD and the doctors who support it. But there was a problem. Not all CBD is created equally. My challenge was to find a CBD company with high standards and a company that was dedicated to the education of CBD.

After researching many CBD companies, HempWorx came out on top and this site was created to share their mission.

Here are 8 reasons why I teamed up with HempWorx:

1. HempWorx is one of the first 13 companies awarded with a Certification Seal by the U.S. Hemp Authority for meeting the stringent standards the industry laid out for quality and safety.

2. Although HempWorx isn’t the only CBD brand to have a commercial agreement with Kentucky hemp farms, they manufacture some of the highest quality CBD products in the country.

3. Incredibly fast shipping and a huge amount of stock available at any given time. This is nice for average customers, as it typically means no back orders and same day shipping.

4. Wholesale pricing. HempWorx offers incredible bulk deals on their range of CBD oils for those who run retail storefronts.

5. Pure CO2 extraction. Combined with the fact that HempWorx sources their raw hemp material from organic Kentucky farms, their use of low-temperature CO2 extraction guarantees a pure, potent end product.

6. Buy 3 Get 1 Free. For the thousands of people who buy a monthly supply of CBD, this works out to be an incredible deal. HempWorx is one of the only brands to offer such a big discount for non-wholesale buyers.

7. 100% Made in the USA. As with most things, it’s getting harder and harder to find a truly 100% USA company. Most CBD manufacturers outsource at least some component of their operation to the Asian market, but HempWorx has managed to stay fully American while keeping their prices more than competitive.

8. HempWorx has great passion for educating the public on the uses, history and science of CBD.

If you are looking for a company that is committed to quality and safety, give HempWorx a try. Their products come with a risk free 60 day money back guarantee.

Here is a quick reference guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about CBD.

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Take care,

Barry Lee